Wall Soundproofing

Our soundproofing solutions transform poor acoustic performance in walls.

Solutions include complete DIY systems which contain everything you’ll need for a total acoustic makeover, to individual acoustic products easily applied to walls and wall cavities, reducing noise levels and causing minimum fuss and disruption.

Our wall soundproofing products work by reducing the transmission of airborne noise through walls. Our products listed underneath are everything you will need to combat and control noise coming through the walls of your home – whether it’s sound intrusion from noisy neighbours or your own noisy family activities – like someone practising drums!

Wall soundproofing system.

JCW Silent Board
Build Up

This system will massively upgrade the acoustic performance of walls – making a space great for a music room or home recording studio

Acoustic easy fit mineral wool slab

JCW Acoustic Easy Fit Mineral Wool Slab

This acoustic grade rock mineral wool slab absorbs airborne sound in cavity partitions of timber & metal party walls, improving acoustic performance.

High performance acoustic quilt

JCW High Performance Acoustic Quilt

A premium acoustic partition roll which is a superb blocker of sound because of the way it is manufactured, which involves laminating an acoustic barrier membrane between 2 layers of 25mm mineral wool.

Recycled Rubber

This Recycled rubber soundproofing mat is fixed direct to existing party walls as a simple upgrade solution. Together with JCW Acoustic Plasterboard it provides significant acoustic improvement.

Weight Enhanced Soundproofing Barrier Mat

This thin, yet highly effective soundproofing barrier mat has multiple uses against airborne sound. Used in combination with our other soundproofing products it will further improve acoustic performance.

Silent Board

This super slim and easy to fit acoustic wall panel upgrades existing walls to drastically reduces sound transmission and save space.


Fire And Acoustic Socket Box Inserts

An acoustic insulation system for wall sockets to eliminate the transfer of sound through walls.

Acoustic sealant.

JCW Accessories

JCW Accessories.

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