Top Methods to Fully Soundproof Your Home

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the different methods you can utilise to soundproof certain areas of your house. But what are our leading ways to get the best acoustic experience? In this post, we’ll explore the top 3 picks for soundproofing your home effectively with the bare minimum solutions.

1) Soundproofing Walls

Of course, this is likely no surprise for most. Soundproof walls are by far the most effective solution for stopping reverb in rooms and around the house. If you live in an apartment or terraced house, then this will benefit you even more, as you’ll be isolating noise from neighbours.

They work by reflecting back the soundwaves hitting them, eventually totally dissipating the noise altogether. Just take a look at these stats for our sound absorption solutions:

Thin walls allow for sound to travel directly through, and can also create echo/reverb in open space rooms. Some of the simple solutions include thicker wallpaper, but this is not a complete job and will require multiple coats in some cases.

Soundboards (specifically our JCW board), however, is enforced with mineral wool, designed specifically for stopping sound travel through cavities. It offers superior sound quality similar to a recording studio!

2) Internal Soundproof Doors

Doors are notoriously bad for letting in not just sound, but air too! Air gaps can create a cold breeze, and in some cases, a high pitched annoying whistling sound. So how do you fix this? We recommend soundproof timber doors.

Over time, doors can weaken and form cracks or bending, which means it’s probably time for a replacement. Timber doors are perfect for blocking room to room noise, but don’t just leave it there! After you’ve installed a soundproof timber door, remember to soundproof it.

In most cases, they will come in a designed frame that prevents noise from exiting and entering. You can still add some mods such as a door gap or frame gap fillers, so nothing escapes underneath/around it.

Here’s our bespoke high-performance soundproof door range:

Sound absorbing panel.3) Soundproof Panels

Finally, we have sound absorption panels. These are movable panels that can be placed around the home on walls, doors and even windows. These panels can greatly reduce sound travel, and absorb soundwaves bouncing around the room.

These go hand in hand with other soundproofing products, designed almost like an addon to block out stray soundwaves which the other methods might not have absorbed. They are primarily for stopping reverb and echo.

If you’d like to check out our superior soundproof panel range, see here:

Our JCW Reflecta Sound Absorption range is perfect for keeping your home soundproof without showing it! You can use any image you’d like on the panels and hang them on the wall just like you would a painting.


So, that pretty much sums up our top picks! If you’d like to see more helpful blogs like this, check out our blog section here: