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Room Soundproofing Products

Soundproofyourhome is the specialist consumer sales division of JCW Acoustic Supplies, the UK’s market leading manufacturer and distributor of soundproofing and sound absorption products.

Our range of high quality acoustic insulation and acoustic absorption products make us the leading “one-stop-shop” for acoustic solutions for all of the rooms in your home.

Soundproofing loft


JCW Specialised Acoustic products will help combat and reduce airborne and impacta noise from a loft space internally.

Garage soundproofing.


Garages can need soundproofing for a number of reasons such as bedroom conversions, studio construction or even workshops.

Living room.

Living Room

Living Rooms are the most used within homes.  A sufficient level of sound proofing is key to be able to relax and enjoy spending time with family or friends.

Kitchen soundproofing.


Kitchens can be one of the nosiest areas within a property such as preparation of food ,closing and opening of cupboards, use of electrical equipment and as everyone knows socialising at parties.

Bedroom soundproofing.


A good nights sleep can make or break your day! We understand when it comes to bedroom sound proofing that this can be one of the most important areas within a property to ensure peace and quiet.

Bathroom soundproofing.


Our products help stop noise from penetrating floors, walls & ceilings, so when it comes to bathroom noise this can range from toilets flushing, showers and Music/Singing internally or externally in a property.

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