Sound Absorption

Sound absorption products are a separate but essential part of the mix when designing effective acoustic solutions to control noise.

Sound absorbers are specially designed to absorb the sound within a room or space and help reduce sound reverberation or echo.

Sound absorbers do not stop the sound leaving a room but will reduce the amount of noise experienced by reducing the reverberation (echo) within the space or enclosure, making it a much more comfortable place to be.

Soundproofing, as it is commonly known, is all about creating an acoustic barrier and requires different products.

If you want to “sound proof “ a room as fully as possible you almost certainly need to install both sound absorption products and soundproofing products.

JCW Acoustic Supplies offers the UK’s most comprehensive range of sound absorption and soundproofing products for your project or application

CE mark and Declaration of Performance (DoP) information is available to view/download where appropriate.

Sound absorbing panel.

JCW Reflecta Sound

A range of decorative wall panel systems featuring high absorption levels for reflected noise.


JCW Absorber Ceiling Tile

a high specification acoustic panel. Pre-finished, direct bond, flame retardant ceiling and wall panel.


Techmel Foam

Decorative direct bond or hanging absorbers in a range of fabric or plain finishes with both thermal and acoustic insulation.


Acoustic Baffles

Decorative sound absorption panels which reduce reverberant and low frequency noise, hung in line or at different heights to create an unusual design feature.


Gym Panel

Decorative acoustic ceiling panels made from the high density mineral wool which resists mold, bacteria and fungus.

Sound absorption panel.

External Absorption Panels

JCW Silentstone is a rigid and durable sound absorption panel with a unique aesthetic appeal. It is made from specially bonded aggregates.

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