Ceiling Soundproofing

Our popular range of ceiling soundproofing solutions aims to transform poor acoustic performance in ceilings by insulating against and absorbing airborne noise.

And where impact noise from a neighbours footfall or movement on the floor above is a problem, we also have acoustic ceiling products to combat both airborne and impact noise.

Solutions include DIY systems containing everything you’ll need for a complete ceiling makeover, to individual products easily applied to ceilings, causing minimum fuss and disruption.

Easy fit ceiling panel system

JCW Easy Fit Ceiling Panel System

This direct to ceiling system will significantly reduce the amount of airborne noise which can be heard from above through floors which have poor acoustic insulation. A triple layered all-in-one product.

Home studio ceiling soundproofing system

JCW Home Studio Ceiling Soundproofing System

A high performance alternative to our Easy Fit Ceiling Panel system. It will significantly reduce both impact and airborne noise nuisance from the floor above resulting in recording studio style sound quality.

High performance acoustic quilt

JCW High Performance Acoustic Quilt

A premium acoustic partition roll which is a superb blocker of sound because of the way it is manufactured, which involves laminating an acoustic barrier membrane between 2 layers of 25mm mineral wool.

Acoustic easy fit mineral wool slab

JCW Acoustic Easy Fit Mineral Wool Slab

This acoustic grade rock mineral wool slab absorbs airborne sound in the cavity partitions of timber and metal party walls, significantly improving acoustic performance.

Weight Enhanced Soundproofing Barrier Mat

This thin, yet highly effective soundproofing barrier mat has multiple uses against airborne sound. Used in combination with our other soundproofing products it will further improve acoustic performance.

Fire Rated Luminaire Covers

A recessed Luminaire Cover for use in 30 minute and 60 minute fire rated ceilings.

Acoustic sealant.

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