Weight Enhanced Soundproofing Barrier Mat

Primarily used for its excellent soundproofing properties against low frequency airborne noise, this thin yet highly effective soundproofing barrier mat is available in four different densities and has multiple uses and sound reduction applications.

It can be applied to walls, laid on top of floors or over ceilings. It’s particularly effective for soundproofing metal panels and cabinets.

It can be rail hung over doors and windows as a sound curtain.

Easily installed and providing immediate results, it can be used to great effect on its own, as a sound curtain for example, or in combination with other soundproofing materials.

It can also be used effectively to line housings for machinery, domestic appliances, pumps, boilers and fans.


JCW Weight Enhanced Soundproofing Barrier Mat is a thin, highly effective soundproofing mat designed to block and attenuate the transmission of airborne noise through stud partitions, floors with timber joists and ceilings. The mat is easy to install and lightweight to handle.

Available in 4 different weights per square metre (3kgs/m2, 5kgs/m2, 7.5kgs/m2 and 10kgs/m2) in individual sheet or continuous roll options (see chart below), JCW Weight Enhanced Soundproofing Barrier Mat is one of our most regularly recommended and used soundproofing products because it is so versatile. It can be used for wall, floor and roof sound reduction applications where airborne and impact noise transmission is apparent.

It is particularly effective for soundproofing metal panels and cabinets and areas where vibration noise is a problem.

Product summary and benefits

  • Ideal where low frequency noise and vibration is a problem
  • Can be used on its own or in combination with our other soundproofing materials to further improve acoustic performance
  • Can be hung as a sound barrier curtain and has excellent tensile strength
  • Available in 4 standard densities (weight per kg/m2)
  • Robust and durable made from high density mineral loaded polymer
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy to handle and cut to shape
  • Eco friendly bitumen free, recyclable and environmentally neutral
  • Multi purpose sound insulation barrier for walls, floors and ceilings, as a sound barrier curtain or for areas where vibration noise is a problem
  • Self adhesive backing and Class O foil facing available

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    Product Sample

    Technical Specifications

    Mean Sound Reduction Index

    • 1.2mm Thick (3.0kgs/m2) 18 dB
    • 2mm Thick (5.0kgs/m2) 22 dB
    • 3mm Thick (7.5kgs/m2) 25 dB
    • 4mm Thick (10kgs/m2) 28 dB

    Acoustic Performance as tested and rated

    BS EN ISO 717-1 1997, BS EN ISO 140-3 1995, BS EN ISO 2750: Part 3: 1995

    Transmission Loss Data

    Frequency in Hz
    63 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k
    Transmission Loss in Decibels (dB)
    JCW Product
    JCWB 3 15 9 12 17 21 24 28 34
    JCWB 5 19 14 18 22 27 32 38 44
    JCWB 7.5 21 18 22 26 31 36 42 49
    JCWB 10 22 20 24 28 33 39 44 50

    Product Size/Weight Options

    Product Size/Weight Options
    Weight Roll/Sheet Coverage
    JCWB 3 1.2 3.0 18 kgs per roll 1.2mm x 1200mm x 5m roll 6.00m2
    JCWB 5 2.0 5.0 30 kgs per roll 2mm x 1200mm x 5m roll 6.00 m2
    JCWB 7.5 3.0 7.5 36 kgs per roll 3mm x 1200mm x 4m roll 4.80 m2
    JCWB 10 4.0 10.0 24 kgs per sheet 4mm x 1200mm x 2m sheet 2.40 m2


    Use the coverage figures shown above to calculate how you will need. To discuss which product option is best for your particular needs, please contact one of our sales advisors for help and advice.

    JCW Weight Enhanced Soundproofing Barrier Mat Specification

    Composition: High density polymer with mineral loaded filler
    Flammability (FMVSS 302): Zero burn rate, self extinguishing
    Tensile strength: BS 2782: Part 3: 1976: 5.75N.mm2 2.6Mpa
    Elongation at break: (BS2782: Part 3: 1976): 100% (JCWB3 is 90%)
    Hardness (Shore A): 90 Deg C
    Service temperature: (less than symbol) 90 Deg C; continuous (less than symbol) 120 Deg C; short periods (more than symbol) -30 Deg C

    Ancillary Products

    Soundproofyourhome supply the following products to enhance the acoustic integrity of the installation:

    • JCW Stix All Adhesive

    DIY Installation Guide for JCW Weight Enhanced Barrier Mat

    This highly flexible, multi purpose product is simple to install and can be fixed in a variety of ways including panel pins, staples, hangers, banding or adhesive.

    It is extremely effective as a sound curtain over windows and doors, or used in combination with our other soundproofing materials to further improve overall acoustic performance.

    In combination with JCW Class “O” Foam it can be used to line housings for machinery and domestic equipment like washing machines, pumps, boilers and fans.

    It is easy to trim to size using a work knife and can be painted using an oil based paint or have fabrics glue bonded to it in order to improve the aesthetic appeal of the application or co-ordinate with room decor.

    Professional Installation Service available

    For customers who need or prefer it, Soundproofyourhome offers a professional acoustic installation service across the UK.

    Our skilled and experienced tradesmen understand acoustic materials and how to fit them quickly and correctly.

    The result is a cost effective service and peace of mind about the acoustic integrity of your project. Contact us today for a free quotation.

    Soundproofyourhome is the domestic market operations division of JCW Acoustic Supplies Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of soundproofing, sound insulation and sound absorbing products.

    Sound advice from Soundproofyourhome:

    Contact us today and tell us more about the noise problems you are experiencing. Our friendly, helpful advisors will offer you the most appropriate acoustic solutions available to meet your acoustic needs and budget from our comprehensive range.

    We believe talking about your situation and offering sound advice based on our vast experience in the acoustics business is a more reliable way of solving your noise problem than simply taking your order or selling “off the screen”, as some companies do.

    And if you are in any doubt about issues associated with soundproofing, like weight of materials, structural strength or meeting Building Regulations, then please talk to us – we’ll be happy to help.