Garage Soundproofing

Garages can need soundproofing for a number of reasons such as bedroom conversions, studio construction or even workshops. Constructions can range within garages from something as simple as applying sound proofing to the existing shell to building a room within a room construction. All the products that will help construct such a scenario are listed below:

Internal – Workshop, Studio Conversation, Band Practice

JCW Silent Board

This super slim and easy to fit acoustic wall panel upgrades existing walls to drastically reduces sound transmission and save space.

Silentboard plus.

JCW Silent Board Plus

Silent Board Plus acoustic wall lining is manufactured from acoustic plasterboard laminated to an acoustic resilient layer. This simple but ultra high performance acoustic wall lining system to drastically reduce sound transmission.

Weight Enhanced Soundproofing Barrier Mat

This thin, yet highly effective soundproofing barrier mat has multiple uses against airborne sound. Used in combination with our other soundproofing products it will further improve acoustic performance.

High performance acoustic quilt

JCW High Performance Acoustic Quilt

A premium acoustic partition roll which is a superb blocker of sound because of the way it is manufactured, which involves laminating an acoustic barrier membrane between 2 layers of 25mm mineral wool.

Acoustic Isolation Strip

A Multi-Purpose sound isolating system used to prevent sound transfer through stud partitioning or party walls in all forms of construction where there is any point of contact.

Acoustic Deck 19.

Deck 19 For Concrete Floors

An MDF based acoustic overlay board, shallow platform floor system (type fft5) for use with robust standard detail concrete floor constructions.

Socket Inserts

An acoustic insulation system for wall sockets to eliminate the transfer of sound through walls.

Sound absorbing panel.

Reflecta Sound Panels

Our sound absorbing panels are custom made to your requirements. We can suggest colours or patterns to suit your needs or you can supply us with a suitable .jpg image that we can transfer onto the panel.

JCW Accessories

JCW Accessories.

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