JCW Acoustic Sealant and Applicator Gun

JCW Acoustic Sealant is a high strength, permanently flexible white acoustic sealant and adhesive specifically formulated for sealing and bonding plasterboard

It is ideal for sealing the edges of plasterboard systems and filling and sealing any holes where services have been installed, thereby preventing the leakage of noise

It is paintable once cured – see below for more detail about approximate curing times – and is manufactured to a professional trade quality.

This non-flammable sealant is water based, solvent free, is easy to use and clean up and adheres well to just about all substrates used in the building and construction industry

It works equally well on acoustic insulation boards and can be successfully used on walls, ceiling and dry lining applications. Use it to fill large gaps in existing timber floorboards or spaces between floor decking before overalying with acoustic materials.

It is particularly recommended for sealing the perimeters and edges of floating floors before applying additional soundproofing materials in order to further enhance acoustic performance.


Ancillary products

  • We supply a custom designed skeleton applicator gun for use with the JCW Acoustic Sealant

Areas used for

  • As an acoustic barrier by sealing gaps between plasterboard walls, timber floorboards or decking and ceilings and dry lining applications
  • As an adhesive to bond plasterboard to plasterboard and to bond plasterboard to wood and metal studding and direct to block work
  • For sealing and bonding most lined insulation board


  • Can be used in areas of high humidity, damp or cold, but if so, curing time may be significantly extended
  • Protect from water for a minimum of 24 hours after application
  • Do not use in conjunction with bitumen or asphalt
  • Remember, it is always the users responsibility to determine suitability of use. If in doubt, contact Soundproofyourhome for help and advice
  • Protect from frost and store in cool dry conditions between 5oC and 25oC


  • approximately 32 linear metres for a 6mm diameter bead per 900ml tube

General directions and guidance on how to use

  • All surfaces must be sound and clean
  • Can be applied to slightly damp surfaces provided there is no standing water
  • Cut nozzle to provide desired bead size – then pierce inner membrane
  • Apply to gap, slightly overfilling. Finish smooth with a caulking tool or filler knife
  • When used as an adhesive for direct bonding, cut nozzle to provide a bead of approximately 9 – 10mm. Apply continuous beads to one surface only at centres between 250mm to 350mm.
  • Apply board immediately to the surface to be bonded and tamp down evenly
  • When used as an adhesive to bond to studding, apply a continuous bead to the studding and apply the board immediately. Do not apply to more than one boards width of studding at a time.
  • Clean up using a damp sponge. Always clean excess or smooth down within 30 minutes of application
  • Allow to fully cure before covering over or any painting is carried out.
  • Curing time is normally 24 hours. In exceptional cases due to damp or cold conditions this may take 4 -5 days.

Professional Installation Service available

For customers who need or prefer it, Soundproofyourhome offers a professional acoustic installation service across the UK.

Our skilled and experienced tradesmen understand acoustic materials and how to fit them quickly and correctly.

The result is a cost effective service and peace of mind about the acoustic integrity of your project. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Soundproofyourhome is the domestic market operations division of JCW Acoustic Supplies Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of soundproofing, sound insulation and sound absorbing products.

Sound advice from Soundproofyourhome:

Contact us today and tell us more about the noise problems you are experiencing. Our friendly, helpful advisors will offer you the most appropriate acoustic solutions available to meet your acoustic needs and budget from our comprehensive range.

We believe talking about your situation and offering sound advice based on our vast experience in the acoustics business is a more reliable way of solving your noise problem than simply taking your order or selling “off the screen”, as some companies do.

And if you are in any doubt about issues associated with soundproofing, like weight of materials, structural strength or meeting Building Regulations, then please talk to us – we’ll be happy to help.

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