JCW have a range of sound absorbing panels available for the home that can be decorated to your own tastes!

funky wall panels

Many acoustic products for the home can be bland and a bit boring. The panels that we provide can be decorated with your own artwork.

This allows any panels from us to suit your colour pallete or style that you have already selected for your home.

If you fancy yourself as a banksy or a picasso, send us a picture of your unique artwork (or just a picture of something that you like) and we can use this to print onto the sound absorbing panel and send it back to you to use in your home.

reverb in a room

Sound absorbing panels are great for preventing reverb in a room. This can really increase enjoyment of TV shows, music and entertainment, as well as keep the noise to an acceptable level within a room by reducing the noise bouncing around hard surfaces (such as walls).

There are many other features that you can incorporate into a room to help with noise reduction and echo. These include carpets, rugs and curtains.

The reduction in noise that these can bring will be more than you would think as they can stop the transmission of sound waves.

The soft furnishing solutions work best in conjunction with the JCW sound absorbing panels that sit on a hard surfaced wall and reduce the area that sound can bouce around on, ultimately reducing echo.

If you would like to know more about sound absorbing panels or any other aspect of our acoustic services, please feel free to get in touch with our soundproofing experts today.


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