Reduce Noise In The Home

Living in a noisy harm can be very stressful and upsetting. We have a wide range of products to make your home quieter and as peaceful as you deserve.
Our products are easy to install and come complete with full installation guides. You’ll find them in builder’s merchants across the UK or you can order them direct from us for next day delivery.

Contact us now for advice on which products you need and how to ensure you meet the legal requirements of Building Regulations.

Have a look at how we can make your home a more comfortable place to live.

Silent Board

Absorption Panels

Sound panels

Acoustic Quilt

High performance acoustic quilt

Isolation Strips



Impactalay Plus

Acoustic Fencing

garden soundproofing fence

Barrier Mat

Weight enhanced soundproof barrier.


Acoustic Sockets

Fire and acoustic box socket inserts.

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Door.