Reduce Airborne Noise

Airborne noise is transmitted between rooms via flanking  elements instead of directly through seperating elements or along any path other than the direct path.

To reduce the amount of sound heard by other person you would need to install a barrier or sound insulator between the source and you.  The thicker and denser the barrier then the better the sound reduction will be.

Here are some products that can help to reduce airborne noise.

Acoustic Walls

Silent Board

This super slim and easy to fit acoustic wall panel upgrades existing walls to drastically reduces sound transmission and save space. A simple and very effective direct to wall acoustic overlay board.

Absoption Panels

Acoustic easy fit mineral wool slab

This acoustic grade rock mineral wool slab absorbs airborne sound in the cavity partitions of timber and metal party walls, significantly improving acoustic performance and reducing reverberation.

Acoustic Quilt

High performance acoustic quilt

This high performance acoustic quilt is a premium acoustic partition roll, manufactured by sandwiching an acoustic barrier membrane between 2 layers of high density 25mm acoustic mineral wool.

Isolation Strips

A sound isolating system used to prevent sound transfer through partitioning or party walls in all forms of construction where there is any point of contact

Acoustic Flooring


JCW Acoustic Deck 28, with its laminated lower acoustic resilient layer, provides a superb acoustic impact overlay solution for timber and concrete floors.

JCW Impacta 4551

JCW Acoustic Impacta 4551 is a robust acoustic underlay material sold in an easy to handle roll. It is manufactured from recycled rubber, bonded with cork granulate and is designed to reduce impact sound at source.


JCW Acoustic Deck 33 is a chipboard based premium acoustic deck overlay board, primarily used for timber floors.


JCW Acoustic Deck 37C can also be fitted direct to the joists after an existing timber floor has been removed, without the need to install new floorboards, making it ideal for refurbishment projects where the acoustic performance of the existing floor is inadequate.