Garden Soundproofing

garden soundproofing fenceThe sun is out, its a perfect time to open the windows and doors, and let some fresh air in, or go and sit outside in the garden….Which would be ideal, if the imagined peace and quiet wasn’t shattered by the sound of nearby traffic, loud children playing nearby, barking dogs or noisy neighbours.

Thankfully there are soundproofing solutions available to help restore the tranquility that your garden should provide.

Simple Garden Soundproofing ideas

When looking at soundproofing ideas for your garden you may be hesitant to jump straight into buying specailist acoustic products and you would be right!

There are many little hints and tips that are either free, or won’t cost mass amounts to try first and see if this will help solve the issue you are having.


Planting trees and shrubs around the edges of your garden, as well as looking nice, will help to reduce noise from the other side of the fence. Any additional mass and physical object will help bounce and slow down soundwaves before they get to you. It may only be a few decibels, but it may make all the difference to you.

If you already have a tall fence around your garden, then planters could be your answer! The plant will climb up the fence and provide that natural additional barrier to the sound. Combined with some trees or large bushes, this could be enought to give you peace in your garden.

Noise distractions

A water feature could also mask unwanted noise with a more pleasant, relaxing sound. The sound of moving water is a proven stress busting sound that may just mask the sounds of nearby roads or railways just enough.

As well as the soundproofing properties these techniques will increase, it will also look nice! There is nothing better than being out in the garden in the six days per year of nice weather we get in the UK!

Professional Garden Soundproofing

If the simple techniques listed above just won’t cut it, Soundproof Your Home provides acoustic soundproofing barriers and fences to help prevent outside noise disturbing you when your trying to relax in the garden, these barriers can really help create a quiet atmosphere in the garden, and allow you to relax in a peaceful environment.

Unlike traditional timber fencing products, our acoustic barrier range features unique designs, manufacturing techniques and components to control noise in the outside environment whilst remaining stunningly attractive and long lasting.

Our fencing and barriers are suitable for every type of residential as well as commercial and industrial applications, all the timber products in the range are pressure treated to provide lasting protection above and below ground from wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot and are covered by a manufacturers guarantee of 20 years, subject to correct installation.

All of these boundary products have been specially developed and thoroughly tested to provide the highest levels of acoustic performance.

Need more info?

If you want to talk to our soundproofing experts for more information or any product enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the form underneath.

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