Firework Soundproofing

It’s nearly bonfire night and that means we’ll soon be setting off fireworks. We all know they are loud, but just how loud are the fireworks we see around this time of year?

Noise Level Of A Firework Display

The average display can be as loud as 190 decibels depending on the type of fireworks used. For comparison that’s louder than a chainsaw or riding a motorbike. Fortunately for us, the further away you are from the firework exploding, the quieter it is. Standing a safe distance away is common sense, but it will also help to protect your ears.

As well as how far away from the fireworks you are, your surroundings also affect how loud you perceive the noise to be. In a residential area the noise can bounce around off houses and other flat surfaces making it seem louder. It’s far more advisable to watch fireworks in a large open area away from buildings. This will protect your ears and hopefully reduce the risks of accidents in residential areas.

To make sure you don’t damage your ears on bonfire night just remember to stay as far back as you can, if you have them, wear ear plugs to help protect your ears even more. Always remember to follow the safety instructions and keep a close eye on children at all times.

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