JCW Silent Wall Standard System

This super slim and effective acoustic wallboard system is ideal as a noisy neighbour solution.

Used to quickly upgrade existing walls, it delivers a drastic reduction in airborne sound transmission through party walls and between rooms.

It’s slim, simple to fit and highly effective at just half the thickness of other systems, reducing sound transmission with minimum impact on available room space.

That’s why it’s one of our best sellers.

It features JCW Silent Board, a direct to wall acoustic overlay board for existing walls and comprises a 12.5mm layer of acoustic grade plasterboard laminated to a 15mm thickness of acoustic mat.

A simple and very effective acoustic overlay board with just half the thickness of most other products on the market.



About the system

The JCW Silent Wall Standard Soundproofing System is specially designed for upgrading existing walls so that sound transmission from neighbours or adjoining rooms is significantly reduced.

Because it is so slim and effective, JCW Acoustic Silent Board, at just 27.5mm, there is little loss of room space. This high performance acoustic product is manufactured by JCW Acoustic Supplies and is widely used in the building industry to achieve dramatic reductions in airborne sound transfer between rooms.
It can be applied directly to either masonry or stud walls and is also suitable to reduce flanking noise up and down walls.
It is also an ideal solution where existing walls have failed a Pre Completion Test.

Product summary and benefits

  • Ideal as a quick to install Noisy Neighbour Solution on party walls
  • Super slim at 27.5mm it’s just half the thickness of other systems
  • Simple to apply to lightweight wall structures or existing plasterboard – so there’s no studwork required
  • Practical, slim composition means little compromise on living space despite high performance
  • Flexible also suitable for ceilings
  • Reduces flanking noise up and down walls
  • Great Value – the JCW Silent Wall Standard Soundproofing System offers high performance combined with great value for money and is available for fast delivery nationwide
  • Fire retardant
  • 100% Recycled Material
  • Flexible, once installed the plasterboard surface is ready for any decorative finish

Professional Installation Service available

For customers who need or prefer it, Soundproofyourhome offers a professional acoustic installation service across the UK.

Our skilled and experienced tradesmen understand acoustic materials and how to fit them quickly and correctly.
The result is a cost effective service and peace of mind about the acoustic integrity of your project. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Soundproofyourhome is the domestic market operations division of JCW Acoustic Supplies Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of soundproofing, sound insulation and sound absorbing products.

Sound advice from Soundproofyourhome:

Contact us today and tell us more about the noise problems you are experiencing. Our friendly, helpful advisors will offer you the most appropriate acoustic solutions available to meet your acoustic needs and budget from our comprehensive range.

We believe talking about your situation and offering sound advice based on our vast experience in the acoustics business is a more reliable way of solving your noise problem than simply taking your order or selling “off the screen”, as some companies do.

And if you are in any doubt about issues associated with soundproofing, like weight of materials, structural strength or meeting Building Regulations, then please talk to us – we’ll be happy to help.

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    Product Sample

    Technical Specifications

    Acoustic Performance

    • Part E Requirements 43 dB
    • Super Slim Acoustic Wall System 45 dB

    Tested to satisfy Building Regulations

    JCW Acoustic Silent Board complies with the requirement contained in the 2003 edition of Approved Document Part E (England & Wales) of the Building Regulations and Section 5 (Scotland). The product has been tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory on lightweight 100mm block.

    JCW Acoustic Silent Board Specification

    Composition: Noise stopping, fire retardant 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard laminated to a 15mm acoustic resilient layer (comprising reconstituted polyurethane foam sandwiched between 2 layers of recycled rubber mat)
    Board Size: 1.2m x 1.2m
    Thickness: 2.75cm
    Weight: 24.7kg each
    Part E Requirement: 43dB
    Super Slim Performance: 45dB

    Ancillary Products

    Soundproofyourhome supply the following acoustic ancillaries to enhance the acoustic integrity of the installation of this system:

    • JCW Acoustic Sealant and Applicator Gun

    At a glance guide for what you’ll need for the JCW Silent Wall Standard Soundproofing System

    You can quickly work out how much soundproofing products and ancillaries you’ll want if you use this at a glance guide to calculate things. Check the square metre dimensions of the area to be treated and apply to the tables below

    Wall area in m2
    JCW Acoustic Silent Board – sheets/sq. metre JCW Acoustic Sealant
    5 4 sheets approx (5.76 m2) 1
    10 8 sheets approx (11.52 m2) 1
    15 12 sheets approx (17.28 m2) 1
    20 16 sheets approx (23.04 m2) 1
    25 20 sheets approx (28.80 m2) 1
    30 24 sheets approx (34.56 m2) 2
    35 26 sheets approx (37.44 m2) 2
    40 30 sheets approx (43.20 m2) 2
    45 34 sheets approx (48.96 m2) 3
    50 38 sheets approx (54.72 m2) 3


    Remember, you may need to add extra materials to cope with mistakes and mis-measures, so we advise you think seriously about allowing for wastage and off-cuts.

    Please note: If in any doubt that a construction will meet Building Regulations, any other issues concerning acoustic performance or for more information about our products, please contact an Acoustic Advisor for help and advice.

    DIY Installation Guide for JCW Silent Wall Standard Soundproofing System

    Incorrect installation techniques and materials can compromise the integrity of any acoustic solution. Please follow this general guidance to avoid any incorrect installation which could have an adverse effect on acoustic performance.

    Ensure the area being worked is weather tight, dry, clean and tidy before installing the JCW Acoustic Silentboard.

    • Step 1. Remove skirting boards and any coving as appropriate
    • Step 2. Start the installation from the bottom left or bottom right corner of the wall
    • Step 3. Offer the first JCW Silent Board to the wall ensuring it is fitted square and allow a 5mm gap around the perimeter edge of the wall
    • Step 4. The board is fixed using 9 drywall screws and plugs evenly placed in 3 rows x 3 screws. Ensure there is a solid fix to the existing wall (each board weighs 24.7kgs)
    • Step 5. Once the first board is in position, the next board in the bottom row can be butted up to the first board – continue this process until all boards are in place in the bottom row – and trimmed as necessary to allow the 5mm perimeter gap
    • Step 6. Boards may be cut with a suitable handsaw and sharp trimming knife
    • Step 7. Start the second row from the end of the first row with staggered joints and continue in this fashion until the fitting is complete
    • Step 8. Fill the 5mm perimeter gap with JCW Acoustic Sealant
    • Step 9. The JCW Silent Wall Standard Soundproofing System is now ready for a plaster skim or your choice of other final decorative finish