JCW Silent Board Eco

This super slim and easy to fit acoustic wall panel upgrades existing walls to drastically reduces sound transmission and save space. A simple and very effective direct to wall acoustic overlay board with just half the thickness of most other products on the market, it’s perfect for soundproofing party walls.

JCW Silent Board Eco is specially designed for upgrading existing walls so that sound transmission from neighbours or adjoining rooms is reduced. Because it is so slim and effective, at just 27.5mm, there is little compromise on living space.

It is manufactured by laminating a 15mm acoustic resilient layer to a 12.5mm layer of acoustic grade plasterboard.

It can be applied to either masonry or stud walls and is also suitable to reduce flanking noise up and down walls.

It is also an ideal solution where existing walls have failed a pre-completion test.



Silent Board summary and benefits

  • Noise reduction Upto 7db noise reduction with our eco silent board.
  • Ideal as a quick to install Noisy Neighbour Solution directly on to party walls
  • Super slim at just 27.5mm it’s half the thickness of other products
  • Lightweight 2 pieces, rather than 3 pieces make a lightweweight board with less fixings.
  • Simple to apply to lightweight wall structures or existing plasterboard – so there’s no studwork required
  • Practical, slim composition means little compromise on living space despite high performance
  • Great Value – the JCW Silent Board acoustic soundproofing panel offers high performance combined with great value for money and is available for fast delivery nationwide
  • Fire retardant
  • 100% Recycled Material
  • Flexible, once installed the plasterboard surface is ready for any decorative finish

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